Meet the Editor: Jeremy Bibaud

Hello. I’m Jeremy Bibaud. I’m a writer. I studied at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, and now I’m making a magazine. I won’t take too much of your time, but I do want to talk about two things.

The first is Funicular. It’s a website and, eventually, it’ll be a magazine too. Both will be filled with writing we think is special and that others will enjoy. In everything we do, we want to make sure we appeal to both readers and writers. That’s an important distinction for us because while all writers are (hopefully) readers, not all readers are writers. There’s a space there we want to explore.

The second is the importance of partners. My partner is Jason Lee Norman. Some of you know him, some of you don’t. Jason is a fantastic writer, but he is a better person. He cancelled an entire event when Donald Trump was elected because he was too disappointed! He feels strongly about things and he is direct. He doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean and he’s very thoughtful about what he does mean. He is also a closer. He completes more projects in a week than any of us do in a year (maybe a lifetime). And he is one of our city’s most dedicated community builders in the writing scene. These are all great things to have in a partner.

Working with him was an easy decision for me. So the pact was made and today we set out to finally take down Glass Buffalo if it’s the last thing— oh wait, no, sorry, that’s our old mission. We have a new one now. Forget I said that.

Really though, we’re just so happy to be doing this and we are going to try a lot of different things. Some of them will fail and some, we hope, will wildly succeed. I can only promise we will do our best never to bore you.

If we are, let us know.