Meet the Editor: Jason Lee Norman

My name is Jason Lee Norman and I’m a writer, editor, and publisher from Edmonton, Canada. I was an English major in University and spent a ton of time in the library reading books that had not been assigned by my professors. I lived and studied in England for a short time and I made my first friendships with writers. Writers who were so much better than I was. This changed everything. During my time in England I discovered writers and writing online that was blowing me away. When I came back home to Canada I knew that all I wanted to do was find ways to bring writers together and find more and more ways to get their writing in front of the most eyeballs that I could.

Now it’s 2018 and I have the opportunity to start this brand new magazine. There is a big difference between this project and most others I’ve taken on. That difference is Jeremy Bibaud. I couldn’t be happier to be starting Funicular Magazine with him. He’s got big ideas and skills and he truly gives a shit. He also has his own drone, which I am very excited about finding a literary purpose for.

As a writer myself I have always felt like if I had the means or the time or the opportunity that I should use those to help my fellow writers out. Being published in Funicular could be somebody’s big break. You never know! I just want to get the best writing I can find out into the world and champion the hell out of it. To the book lovers out there and the lovers of the written word in general, you are going to love our magazine. You’re going to love reading it in print and online. You’re going to tell all your friends about it. It’s going to be fun...icular.