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Plane Food

Sarah Groustra

Wheels leave the tarmac and there’s that
butterflies in your stomach feeling
You don’t want to hear another
bullshit poem about the houses getting

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Bonus Points

Megan Paranich

He was born in the year of the monkey
although he doesn’t know this, and
his dating profile says that he’s a Sagittarius,
even though his birthday is in October.
It sounds sexier, I guess.

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PoetryJeremy Bibaud

Benjamin Newland

If something like that would shout, once and for
Out of estrangement, suddenly – like, click! cielo azul – like a tight
Tent abrazo, a pucker of bare-ness

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PoetryJeremy Bibaud

Jaden Rose

Toe-tapping twisting ballerina dance,
Back snapping,         shattered glass
Angry shards spinning,   twirling through the air,
Points sharpened,
Aimed at a head, yours,

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Y Bridge Poem

Carl Boon

The weeds along the Little Cuyahoga
catch the falling sometimes,
women and men who leave
their Christmas trees up
till March so they can watch them die.

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