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Y Bridge Poem

Carl Boon

The weeds along the Little Cuyahoga
catch the falling sometimes,
women and men who leave
their Christmas trees up
till March so they can watch them die.

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PoetryJeremy Bibaud

Caroline Neel

New Year's Day and I burn my tongue
as I try with sweet and cream to dull
the morning ache of a train
searing through the countryside

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PoetryJeremy Bibaud
Anything but

Ann Wallace

She will never tell you
but the girl who shrugs
away from your touch,
who faces you
with chin down, eyes up,
slips from sight
as all eyes are watching,
feels anything but coy.

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PoetryJeremy Bibaud
Beach Boys

Matan Gold

My grandmother was born in D.F. but grew up in Cuba. Her father owned a sugar factory. He had strong arms and an elegant mustache. It was a life of tropical birds.

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PoetryJeremy Bibaud