Benjamin Newland


If something like that would shout, once and for
Out of estrangement, suddenly – like, click! cielo azul – like a tight
Tent abrazo, a pucker of bare-ness

Something like that, like monkeys entwine her
Circus the way, standing that way, with palms, with lights too light
A paper fiesta around that way, yes

Somewhere like that, like hot summer
Her shoes laugh on the coco-redolent, still sandy off-ramps
Like where, like old breezes in thatches

Like, we’re going, amorcita, we’re there;

String by string, boys sing like smoke from a shambolic camper
Like somewhere like that, but with tacos

And we, strung by the fingers of sea, to wind and rewind
All around us the water, its joys distracted, too many amends,
But still begins the begin, a faded light, a smiling.

Somewhere like that, like Ensenada, with dark supine
So that when, lifting her dress like the frame of the world, thinly,
I see just flowers and promise, fat with wing.

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Benjamin Newland lives in Spain with his wife, a dog, two turtles and three children.  He blogs about the family travels at www.nutbus.us.  

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