Single and Looking

Sarah Hamill


Spencer, 30

Been here for a long time, still looking for a good time! (lol) Do you wanna be my partner in crime? Successful business owner, open-minded, gym rat, spontaneous outdoor adventurer, expert cuddler. I want a girl whose genuine and down to earth and willing to join me on my next adventure (Thailand 2019)!

Oh, and must love dogs! That’s my pup in the photos (yes I know, she’s cuter than me lol)

Ryan, 27

I’ve got a Costco card and a car. Let’s buy in bulk together!

No vegans please

Josiah, 28

Herb Garden Enthusiast

I’ll always have thyme for you

Michael, 33

Regular guy looking for a regular girl to hang out with on weeknights and weekends during the day. I work full-time and I don’t have a lot of spare time but the spare time I do have I want to spend with a great girl. Swipe right if you want that great girl to be YOU!

Ezekiel, 25

Music is my life 🎸🎹🎷🎤

Not my girlfriend in the photos


420 friendly.

Jason, 25

Aziz, 27

Swipe left if you’re a feminist.

Marcus, 24

Roberto, 26

You, me, and a couple of scoops of ice cream. We watch the sun go down at the breakwater. We see a seal and a sea lion and maybe a heron. A sea gull shits on me. You say, “Let’s get you out of those dirty clothes.” We make love on the beach. There’s sand everywhere. You fall in love.
I never call.

Greg, 24

@therealgregger 🤘🏻

Marcus, 29

Uncut fella seeking discreet fwb

Mason, 26

Recently single, not sure what I’m doing here. I’m down to grab a cup of coffee or get to know you over a beer!

Zach, 25

I like hiking, fishing, camping, drinking beer, shooting things. I’m not looking for a hook up. I own my own home, by the way, and I have a fulltime job at a good company.

No fatties

Jesse, 28

I’ve got a savings account and an RV. Let’s go on an adventure.

Lyle, 26

Humble motherfucker with a big dick.

Kent, 25

Japanese Canadian dude on the prowl for his dudette.

Mike, 30

When you hang out with me you can expect dad jokes, great conversation, tongue and cheek flirting

Currently recovering from a sprained ankle but I don’t let it slow me down ;)

Justin, 28

Just here to swap recipes

Michael, 33

Regular guy still seeking that regular girl! I had to restart my account, I think there was some sort of bug or maybe I’m just too picky, anyway I wasn’t getting any matches! So here I am, back again, ready to fall in love.

I’m kind of a nerd, but I’m also into all sports (except soccer). I work full-time at a start-up so that means lots of long days, not a lot of spare time, but I’ll always make time for the right lady. Hit me up and we can grab a java this weekend!

Chad, 33

Christian. Big on barbecue.

What’s the last book you read?

Jeff, 27


Swipe left if you can’t have an intelligent conversation, please.

Andrew, 27

Hi! Andrew here. I’m a phys ed teacher with a passion for all things outdoor. Must like hikes! I’m a pretty good cook and I enjoy making elaborate meals. You could be that person I make an elaborate meal for! Let’s make it happen.

Harry, 30

I’m just looking for a weak, independent woman.

Michael, 33

I’m going to lay it all bare. Truth is, I’ve never had a girlfriend before. I think this is my only chance to meet someone. I want to be honest upfront that I am socially (and sexually) awkward, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to make something work. I am not desperate, but I am getting there. If we match, I want you to know I am genuinely interested in getting to know you off the app. If I message you it’s because I want to get to know YOU. Don’t waste my time. If you don’t message me back I will unmatch.

Jason, 29

Hi, I’m Jason! I’m new to town. Want to show me the best place to grab a bite and a beer?

Emily and Brandon, 29

Friendly kinky couple looking to spice things up! Want to be our third? Swipe right!

No couples. No men. Thx! ✌🏻

Michael, 33

Okay, here I am, trying this again.

I own my home. I have a dog (Great Dane-Corgi mix). I like the outdoors. I cook. I eat. I drink (but not to excess). I don’t smoke (except weed, occasionally). I have a good job. I have built a good life. Is it that much to ask that I want to share it with someone? I don’t want to be a single in this world full of doubles. I don’t even know who I’m looking for anymore. I don’t know who she is. Is she you?

Anon, 33

Submissive guy looking to be dominated. Safe, consensual kink. Swipe right and we can arrange to swap photos and meet.

Byron, 24

looking for a meat sleeve for my, you know, meat.

Mat, 26

I’m technically in a relationship rn, just on here checking out my options.

Michael, 33

I’m a single dude on the wrong side of 30 who doesn’t want to be alone anymore. I’m looking for someone who feels similar. Let’s be alone together, at least.

Michael, 33

Back on here! My last relationship was a bust. She was one of those feminist-types. The kind of girl who bitches about not being able to get a guy. Gee, I wonder why. Take a look in the mirror. Maybe reconsider your personality. Not everything needs to be political!

Swipe right if you’re in the market for a wholesome guy who knows how to treat a real girl right.

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